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Using Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages

Facebook timeline pages have presented a lot of opportunities for entities to build and market their brand online. A successful fanpage allows businesses to connect with loyal consumers, reach potential new clients and build loyalty among their existing market. But how can you use Facebook timeline for brand building?

The Facebook timeline:

Facebook timeline is a new way of viewing your profile. It has generated different reactions from FB users. Some did not like it but others were willing to give it a try. You can use the new profile setting to tell the world about your brand. Start by activating the timeline settings. Your page will not go live right away. Facebook will give you time to familiarize the page, get to know the features and publish it once it's ready. While you are doing that, your friends and fans will see your old profile and will only have a glimpse of your timeline once you have published it.

Updating your cover:

A new feature of the Facebook timeline pages is the cover. This is the image that appears across the top of the timeline page. For personal profile account, this represents their best photo. It could also be a memorable image that represents what they love most about their life. For fan pages, this symbolizes what the business stands for. This could be how they want to be remembered by their consumers or a portrait that sums up what the company represents.

Whatever you put in our cover photo, make sure that it will attract customers and will make a mark for your brand.

Company Information:

You will find an About section in the new timeline profile. This is where you provide basic information about you company; the name, address and other contact details. It is recommended that you fill out all the needed information. Add a few catchy statements to attract more consumers to get to know your brand a little better.


Next to the section about your company are thumbnails of applications. You can choose which application to display on the page and customize their order by clicking on the drop down arrow at the right most side of the application section. The applications which are vital to your business should be easily visible.

The new Facebook timeline profile has provided several features that business can use to build their brand. There is the cover photo, which helps give identity to the business, an about section that gives more details about the company. And there is the application section that allows your potential clients to explore your offerings.