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Trashy Handbags, Fashion Is Alive and Well

Saving the earth appears to no longer be a rhetoric from the 1960's. Trashy fashion is alive and well in many of the retro stores around the country. It is even moving itself onto the catwalks around the world. Trashy fashion entails using mostly recycled materials to make some of the more demanded fashions of the day.

Eco-conscious consumers are seeking out more green friendly trends. Fashions made of recycled materials help save resources and lessen our carbon footprint. These fashions are also quite ingenious and trendy. Imagine going to a prom and seeing gowns made of duct tape and pop cans. Other materials that are used include shredded paper, pop tops and old magazines. While the fashions save the environment, many of the prices will not save green in your pocket.

Some of the trashy fashions equal or exceed prices found in trendier shops reserved for the rich and famous. Although, if the consumer is really intent on purchasing some of these fashions, a little shopping around will prove to be rewarding. In little known shops off of the major fashion district one can find these fashions for an affordable price.

One may also be able to acquire some of these fashions at almost no cost if they live near a design or fashion school. Sometimes the artists will circulate their fashions to the general public to get free exposure to the public. They give copies of their fashion wear to individuals in order to get their name known and their designs seen. While old, reused clothing, linens, newspapers, and tin cans may not be everyone's fashion dream, they are eye-catching. Trashy fashion has begun to be seen as a viable fashion outlet. Teens and adults alike are beginning to seek out and purchase more of the unusual fashions. For more information, go to: .