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Tory Burch

One could imagine how someone from a wealthy and noble family would even care about the affairs of those below them, but not Tory Burch. Even though she grew up like a princess in many ways, she never saw herself higher than others-instead, she saw her advantage as a means of reaching out to those who were in a way "lower" than her, helping them rise up and be successful in life.

Tory Burch is a world renowned fashion designer, having created thousands of designs that appeal to women of all ages. Her fashion line, the Tory Burch, is being sold in over one thousand stores worldwide. She also has over seventy stores across the globe, and her brand is being patronized by literally millions.

Tory Burch's styles are often described as "Preppy-boho" and "Preppy-bohemian luxe", a design that transcends generations for being easy to wear. Tory's designs often appear on the television show Gossip Girl, and have since attracted numerous fans of all ages. In fact, there were numerous times where her fashions were in wait lists, which pay homage to the 1950s and 1960s fashion eras.

Her clothing line suits a wide variety of women users; from the working-class women and sports-oriented ladies to the socialites and the elite. Tory is also credited as being one of the world leaders that helped turn the T-Shirt into a fashion item, with her designs having the T-logo medallion.

Tory Burch has had a very successful fashion career; within three years of going professional in fashion work, she was already accepted into the Council of Fashion Designers of America, gaining an award two years later. She is also one of the world's wealthiest women entrepreneurs, and is estimated by Forbes magazine to have a net worth of one billion dollars.

While all her successes does make Tory a really extraordinary person in her field, it is her philanthropic work that has gained her such an extraordinary attention: Tory is an active supporter of children and women's rights and welfare, and has supported many organizations, even establishing her own charitable foundation to help women-The Tory Burch Foundation.

She established the Tory Burch Foundation to help women entrepreneurs across the country, providing start up income to help them establish their businesses. She also travels around the world, often speaking in women's conventions, constantly encouraging and empowering them to take part in their society's growth. She firmly believes in women entrepreneurs, and does what she can to help others achieve the success that she has today.

Tory Burch life and work falsifies many of Hollywood's stereotypes of rich women being callous to the affairs of the masses. She is truly an inspiring figure, proving that one does not need to go through suffering just to make their mark in history. Just be the best at what you love doing, and you will eventually be given an opportunity to be the person of destiny that you were created to be.