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Now Is The Time For Political Cartoons

Although there are almost political cartoons in the newspapers, election years will always show an increase in political cartoons. Whether it?s just ordinary satire or construed to make fun of the current political leaders is difficult to assess, but there is no doubt that you will often see a political cartoon in the newspaper several times a week in the months preceding a new presidential election. Doonesbury has always been somewhat of a political cartoon, but election years will show a variety of other political cartoons as well.

How popular political cartoons really are depends where you live and the social standing of the populace. Most people don?t find political cartoons funny, so they tend to avoid them. Of course, if you live in an area where politics is wide spread, more people will read the political cartoons and actually derive pleasure from reading them. Political cartoons usually appeal to those people who have a difficult time enjoying anything that is funny. It appears those who have a more serious nature tend to be more drawn to political cartoons?at least that is how it appears to be on the surface. This may not be true of everyone, but it does appear to be a general rule of thumb. Also, those who do not involve themselves too much in politics seem to enjoy the satire of political cartoons more, especially if the political cartoon for that day is directed toward a political figure of the opposite party affiliation.

Whether the above observations are valid or not is probably contingent upon the locations of the cartoons? publication. Some people may even be offended by the satire in political cartoons, so there is no hard and fast rule about who will derive pleasure from reading political cartoons. Cartoon Bank has decades of political cartoons for your viewing pleasure.