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Fashion UGG Boots

UGG boots are a highly fashionable type of shoe that have been seen more and more commonly in the last few years. Their popularity is due to many factors that make them great from both a fashion perspective and a comfort perspective for those wearing them. Here we'll look into what it is that make UGG boots such a great fashion.

The first thing that's resulted in so many fashion UGG boots is simply that they look good. Boots in general look good as they tend to make the leg look longer and slimmer. This is both through the fact that they are fairly thin themselves thereby containing the leg and preventing it form bulging or folding unfortunately anywhere. This is something that any boot will achieve to some extent, and by creating a straight line from the foot and ankle up to just below the knee they create the impression of a long, thin lower leg. This is sexy on its own, but as boots are often worn for sexy purposes this means they've also become associated with class and raunchy style.

At the same time though, UGG boots are wide enough to be worn over the trousers and are actually made to look thicker often through large amounts of fur. This still creates a straight line making a thin looking lower leg, but at the same time it creates a 'weighted' look that mimics a puppy. This is a fairly cute look on its own obviously, but also has a great additional benefit as it makes the rest of your leg look thinner by comparison. Thus you get the nice straight line coming up from the foot and hiding any potentially large or un-attractive calves, but then an even thinner upper leg coming out of that to create an enhanced illusion of long, slender legs. If you have wide or large thighs then these too will look slimmer than usual by comparison due to your large lower legs. Overall, they can make your leg looks much better.

There are also such a large variety of fashion UGG boots that they will go with almost any outfit. While the traditional look is that of sheep skin, or a texture made to look like sheep skin, you can also get a large variety of different coloured fashion UGG boots that use cotton or other materials. Many of these are eye catching for different reasons - utilising bold colours or wild fluff and hair.

It's also possible to get different length UGG boots, from those that come up to knee or even thigh height, to those that barely reach the ankles. This again makes them great for a variety of purposes whether you want to make a statement or wear something subtle. At the same time they can be worn with bare legs to create a great contrast and statement - a look sported by many celebrities including the fashionista Paris Hilton. It's even possible to get fashion UGG boots designed for men, which are slightly more like traditional shoes but with the sheep skin material and wool lining.