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Let's class up that fit slightly bit with a brand new watch! I don't like to criticize a fellow Hubber however your ideas are almost all fallacious. You must take a short course on Diamonds. You never handle synthetic diamonds or diamond simulants. your assessments for diamond will not be proper and should cause somebody to purchase a "fake". You call something that isn't diamond a "faux". Your "LEARN MORE" part has nothing at all to do with diamonds. The only good thing you mentioned was to get a GIA cert. I am very sorry to be so critical but I've spent most of my life working with and selling Diamonds and Gems. This HUB is not up to par for HubPages.

Mother and father who work the overnight shift create an atypical home setting. If one parent is dwelling with the kid, that guardian is likely dropping interaction time with the opposite father or mother. If a single dad or mum or both parents work an overnight shift, a babysitter is needed to stay with the child, which can cut into the household's revenue, reducing high quality of life and growing stress amongst all relations.

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