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All About Shoes

Shoes can take you from drab to fab. They can correct an outfit that has gone wrong, change your posture as well as your attitude and have the ability to give you mile long legs. A woman often looks at a guy's watch in order to have a clue on what kind of person that guy is on the other hand; guys will take a quick glance onto your footwear to denote your personality. Shoes are considered as the foundation, they keep you grounded and they are the framework which defines your style. You can give one outfit three different looks simply by changing your shoes. Shoes are cheaper than buying a whole set of outfit. It's the reason why clothing designers are coming up with shoes with their names on it for women who want a taste of their work without too much damage to their pocket. There are a few essentials that you should keep in your closet as this will take you to different places you can never have imagined.

1.Classic Closed-Heel Pumps Pumps are considered as the foundation accessory for that everyday outfit. You can take the usual t-shirt and jeans combo into a whole new level simply by wearing pumps. You can look frumpy to fab by pairing casual jeans with a diamond studded pumps and a lace top and you're all set for your hot date or girl's night out.

2.Evening Shoes/ Stilettos These are considered as your evening shoes usually worn for formal events and special occasions such as wedding anniversaries, weddings, business parties, charity events etc., there are different styles of evening shoes such as closed, open heeled or open toed. Choose one which suits you best if you wish to glam up your outfit. One thing that you should remember when it comes to wearing open toed sandals is that they should never be worn with stockings! That's the most common fashion blunder women usually commit.

3.Wedges These are more casual than stilettos. They are more appropriate for less formal affairs. And unlike stilettos that have a narrower base of support, this will add height without the pain because of its wider base support. Through the years, wedges have been transformed into different styles to fit into various seasons.

4.Knee boots and Shin Boots Boots always looks great regardless of a woman's shape and age. It can give you that edgier yet chic look especially when paired with your little black dress ala Audrey Hepburn. Just remember that boots must be perfectly fitted onto the half to prevent chicken leg in a baggy knee boot.

5.Ballet Flats and Loafers These are the best for you when you just want to dress down and spare yourself from any foot aches for the day. Loafers and ballet flats are comfortable and stylish. They're considered as something in between stilettos and sneakers.